Debunking Nutrition and Exercise Myths, Top 10 entries

Sleep Is for the Strong!

In the article, I’ve tried busting the myths around overtraining and poor diet while highlighting the importance of sleep.

In the movie Sholay, when Maa said “Beta jaldi soja varna Gabbar aa jayega!” (“Son, sleep fast, else Gabbar will arrive!”), she was referring to the Gabbar (villain) of health risks and ailments that could emerge if one doesn’t take bedtime seriously.…

Top 10 entries

Innovate Or Perish (Mindful Eating)


 If many years ago, early man had not decided upon innovating himself, we would still be busy imitating monkeys.

To begin on a lighter note, I believe many of us are still in an early-man thought process of imitating other people’s success stories rather than creating our own.

Top 10 entries

Cycle Syncing

While men and women may be anatomically similar, physiologically, we witness quite a difference. And while anatomically both men and women can train similarly, physiologically, women do not equal men, so why should women train like men?

In this paper forward, women will be referred to the female population who regularly hit menstruation every month.