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Obesity, Mental Health, And Body Positivity In Popular Culture

Human beings are complex beings blessed with abilities such as crawling, walking, or slithering like no other living thing. Having gone through years and years of evolution, we are becoming aware of a multitude of processes taking place inside us and one of which is related to our brain. 

As Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Thus, with great blessings and abilities, comes great challenges. A few decades ago, mental health was considered a taboo, let alone anyone discussing it. If a person felt like seeking some form of therapy, it was considered that the seeker is somehow mentally unstable. Well, fast forward to today, things have changed and mental illness is being given preference. People are becoming increasingly aware of mental health and also fitness. 

The Internet has been a game-changer and used by many alike. From promoting mental health to body positivity to fitness, it is an arena that caters to all. Though, the takeaways could be different for people. In this fast-paced age, we desire things to be fast in any way possible, even if it’s fast WIFI or fast food. Hence, resulting in rising obesity. Reflecting on the power of the mighty internet, obesity is now being promoted as body positivity. Fat shaming is indeed an unhealthy practice and should not be promoted at any cost but body positivity in the name of obesity is not a healthy practice either. A thin line has to be maintained when it comes to these topics. A line that speaks reason and not ridicule. 

An article, updated on 4th October 2018 in the esteemed periodical, questions if we are glorifying obesity in the name of body positivity. The article states that fat acceptance does not mean we normalise obesity as it is a life-threatening condition after all.  One must ponder upon the fact that the internet has wide access, which extends to all age groups. There is a wide audience that is gullible, and promoting body positivity in this manner might affect future actions in the lives of such audiences. Obese people go through a lot of bullying and mental traumas due to their condition, but does it mean we reinforce a false sense of body positivity in their minds? 

An article dated January 22, 2021, in an established periodical highlights the dilemma of health professionals who are wondering if they should encourage obese people to lose weight or not. It is alarming to process that a false sense of body positivity has accelerated so much that people are overlooking science and facts. One must be comfortable in their skin but not at the cost of their health. People find it difficult to shed a ton of weight, which it is, but not impossible. A certain degree of discipline and determination is required to take up a task like this. But, in the end, we must realise that it is worth it after all. Obesity is not a curse, people suffering from this condition must be uplifted and motivated to work on healthier goals rather than feeding them with misinformation and a false sense of reality in the name of body positivity. 

Author: Priyanka Bhargava

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