Podcast EP4 – Sports Nutrition and its importance

In today’s episode of INFS podcast, Yash Kaushik (Faculty, INFS) and Aniketh Shetty (V.P. Content Management, INFS) will discuss about sports nutrition and it’s importance. They will share their alarming insights about what keeps the athletes who have the potential to easily win medals at the Olympics from reaching these important milestones in their athletic career.…


Podcast EP2: Sleep introduction

In the second episode of the INFS podcast, Nachiketh Shetty (faculty, INFS) and Utsav Agarwal(faculty, INFS) discuss one of the three most important areas of fitness, sleep; Nutrition and Exercise being the other two.

It was important to speak about sleep and discuss the downsides of compromising sleep as there is very little awareness about its importance.…


Podcast EP1: Weight Rebound – Gaining weight after losing it?

In the first episode of INFS podcast, Dr. Akshay Alawani, Head Faculty at INFS and Yash Kaushik, Faculty at INFS, discuss the most common problem of weight rebound and their coaching experiences with respect to that.

Both faculty give their views on the misconceptions about ‘metabolic damage’ and lack of self-evaluation when it comes to dieting and losing body fat.…