Debunking Nutrition and Exercise Myths, Top 10 entries

Less is Not More: Debunking Myth of Superficial Exercise Requirement for Senior Citizens


To stay fit and healthy, mild exercise in the form of a short walk is sufficient for older adults; cardiovascular exercises or resistance training is not necessary.


A popular belief among older adults is that a limited form of exercise, such as a short walk without the need for any resistance training or cardiovascular activities, is sufficient to lead a healthy and fit life.…

Debunking Nutrition and Exercise Myths, Top 10 entries

Weight Loss and Fat Loss Are the Same – Myth or Not a Myth?

In this day and age where dissemination occurs more rapidly than ever, it is unfortunate that so many myths, still prevail and have been hampering our progress toward reaching our fitness goals.

Honey and lemon water on an empty stomach burn fat; vinegar with water first thing in the morning reduces belly fat; fasting/dieting helps lose weight and excessive cardio works well for weight loss and refraining from the gym after a certain period brings back weight.…

Debunking Nutrition and Exercise Myths, Top 10 entries

Nourish the Truth: Unwrapping the Myth-teries of Nutrition and Exercise

In the ever-evolving world of health and fitness, myths often cloud our judgment, steering us away from evidence-based practices. Let’s debunk some prevalent misconceptions surrounding nutrition and exercise that might be holding you back from reaching your wellness goals.


Myth 1: We gain weight as we age

Contrary to the belief that weight gain is an inevitable part of aging, research suggests otherwise.…