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Health and Fitness Courses in India

Health and fitness not only refer to a healthy physique but it also encompasses the mental and social aspects. It therefore becomes necessary to view health and fitness in a more holistic nature. In the earlier days being healthy equated staying away from diseases and building up one’s immune system but as times change, so do people and so does the definition of health and fitness.

INFS Courses

Pregnancy : The Complete Guide


Pregnancy, women’s most important phase in life where offspring develops inside her body. It is also called ‘Gestation’. It will be an exciting phase, but also overwhelming as a woman goes through many changes in her body. During the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle, which is around 14th day after menstruation cycle, the sperm fertilizes with the egg that is released from the ovary.

INFS Courses

6 Things You Should Know About the INFS Diploma Course

Winds of change had started sweeping over INFS since the beginning of March. Several meetings were being held, endless nighters were being pulled, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears were being poured, and all of this was to make one dream come true – a Diploma Course in Nutrition and Fitness!…