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6 Things You Should Know About the INFS Diploma Course

Winds of change had started sweeping over INFS since the beginning of March. Several meetings were being held, endless nighters were being pulled, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears were being poured, and all of this was to make one dream come true – a Diploma Course in Nutrition and Fitness! INFS was gearing up to bring about a revolutionary change, not only in the organization but also in fitness education.

The INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness is a blend of scientific knowledge and skill-based education which makes it a university-level course. It offers the highest level of education as a result of the extensive efforts taken by the faculty in developing a research and evidence-based curriculum. The course was launched on 24th March 2021 and to every team member’s delight, it received a tremendous response!

INFS faculty head and course coordinator, Dr. Akshay Alawani says, “When I wanted to study nutrition in India, not many options were available. So, I had to go abroad for my further studies. But, with the Diploma course, INFS is bringing world-class education in fitness and nutrition right at the students’ doorstep.”

Read on to know all that the INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness has in store for you.

1. Who can join the diploma course?

The course is designed for absolutely everyone! You do not have to worry even if you have not been a science student. You will first get to learn all the basic fundamentals, followed by in-depth knowledge of nutrition and exercise science. All you got to do is attend lectures and skill sessions conducted by the faculty. Although the faculty will hold QnA sessions regularly, it is recommended to get your doubts cleared through the organization’s discussion forum. You will also be receiving a set of textbooks upon enrolling in the diploma course. Besides, you will have multiple learning aids such as animated videos, assessment workbooks, quizzes, and a hands-on client transformation skill-based project (FTP) for successfully completing the course.

While every fitness enthusiast can join the course to gain knowledge for their benefit, the course would be advantageous for those aiming to build a career in fitness. Along with the knowledge of nutrition and exercise science, the course also educates you about entrepreneurship and employability skills to help you develop a successful career in the fitness industry. Through the diploma course, you also learn how to apply your knowledge and skills in order to enhance your client’s experience while you coach them as a fitness consultant.

2. Weekdays & Weekend batches

The course started with weekday batches. Soon, it was realized that there were many who wished to enroll in the diploma course but wouldn’t be able to attend the lectures as a majority of them had 9-5 jobs. To accommodate our students’ work schedules, the diploma course started the weekend batches as well. Now, those working on weekdays can enroll for the diploma course without a worry about missing the live lectures conducted by the faculty.

3. Duration of the diploma course

The duration of the course is ideally 8 months. But, being self-paced, you can give your exam early, too, if you are ready. It is priced at INR 25,500 in a one-time payment. This is also payable via EMI as well using your credit card.

4. Course content access

The Diploma course allows you to gain knowledge right from the comfort of your home. Leaving behind the constraints of a typical classroom, INFS gives you access to a multimodal learning platform with virtual classrooms for practical demonstration and skill sessions conducted by expert faculty. Also, you have the other multiple learning aids, mentioned earlier, at your disposal.

5. Closing F+E course

INFS closed the F+E course for new enrolment after 24th March 2021. Two bridge courses have been created for students who have already enrolled for the F+E course, and wish to upgrade their certificate to Diploma. On 17th April 2021, INFS launched these bridge courses. The Foundation to Diploma Bridge course was announced for those students who had already completed their Foundation Course and the Expert to Diploma Bridge course was launched for those who had successfully completed their Expert Course. These bridge courses fulfill the knowledge gap between the previous courses and the diploma course.

In addition to these, INFS also introduced an ultimate Switch Course to many students’ delight! This course was launched for those who wanted to switch over to the Diploma course but had paid for the Foundation course or the Foundation+Expert course and had not given the Foundation exam.

6. Provides University Level Education

As mentioned earlier, the diploma course offers the highest level of education in fitness and nutrition. The INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness is the only diploma in India that provides university level education and is valued at 40 credits. This makes it a university-level course for all the students to pursue.

The INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness is indeed a great opportunity to kick-start your fitness career. So, waste no more time and enroll in the course now!

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  1. Closing F+E course ? — Does this mean , the foundation and expert course are completely gone for newbies.
    I wanna be a fitness coach. What course should i enrolled for.
    Currently enrolled to Basics Nutrition and Fitness Course.

    Kindly clear the query.

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