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Gym Etiquette 101

The gym and its equipment may intimidate you, especially when you are a beginner. Looking at the regulars training with those heavyweights and the blasting music may get you all flustered and confused when you first step into the gym. But, worry not, for here are some gym rules which will help you in your journey and boost your confidence.


What is Metabolic Stress?

Read on to find out all about metabolic stress and discover how it can be used to achieve muscle hypertrophy. 

Mechanical tension and muscle damage, along with metabolic stress, are the three ways to achieve muscle hypertrophy. Mechanical tension and muscle damage can be achieved by applying progressive overload in the form of increased weight or by performing more reps for the same weight over a period of time to target growth in the size of muscles, also called hypertrophy.


Benefits of lifting heavy weights

Benefits of lifting heavy weights: This guide walks you through the concept of weight lifting, the benefits of lifting heavy weights and other important tips to keep in mind while lifting heavy weights.

Benefits of lifiting heavy weights 1

When we think about fitness, most commonly the first thing that crosses our mind is the gym and then the weights in the gym.