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Gradual VS Rapid Weight Loss

Body shaming and fat-shaming are being talked about a lot nowadays. It is not uncommon to find overweight and obese people suffering from mental health issues too. Indeed, beauty standards should not be confined to the size or shape of a person but it is equally true that fitness should be incorporated into one’s lifestyle.


What Aspects Should a Fitness Course Cover?

As the number of people choosing to be healthy and fit is steadily increasing, there is a growing demand for Nutrition and Fitness trainers. To become a Fitness Trainer in a best fitness company, along with a passion in fitness and willingness to help people get fit & healthy, a Fitness certification is an added advantage.…

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Do You Need to Change Your Workout Regularly?

Author : Anshul Dhamande, INFS Faculty, Standard Coach @ Fittr 

The main aim of fitness is to constantly progress and change your body and for that you constantly need to challenge your body. You might have come across some Fitness Quotes also regarding the same.…

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What is the Best Footwear for Squats?


Who doesn’t love #squats? Did you know that the right footwear can help you perform them better? Read this article to learn more.

More and more people are embracing fitness these days. Walk into any gym today, and you’ll find a number of different shoes on the feet of the people’s feet.…

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Female vs Male muscles

Author: Nikita Rungta, INFS Alumni and Visiting Faculty


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There are lots of myths and misconceptions regarding weight training for females. The gym is still considered as a “male territory” and whenever a woman enters the weight area, you can clearly hear two types of opinions.