Careers in Fitness

Mastering The Art Of Fitness Training: 8 Strategies For Client Success

Personal training is a lot more than just recommending random exercises for 3 or more sets for 12-15 repetitions. As a personal trainer, you do not just help transform your clients physically by changing their body composition; your influence also puts an impact on their mindset, their body image, and their habits, which will affect their entire future and their social circles too.…

Careers in Fitness

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Fitness Trainers?

The world is becoming more conscious about fitness with time, and thus the requirement for technical solutions to meet this growing demand is also diversifying. Recently, several global startups have begun to use predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to assist fitness enthusiasts in tracking and monitoring their nutrition and calorie intake, as well as making recommendations for a healthy diet.…

Careers in Fitness

How to let go of difficult clients?


Coaches offer competitive prices in the relatively young fitness industry, where standards have yet to be established. However, some clients may be difficult to please, causing dissatisfaction and even threatening to leave. While it may be tempting to continue doing business with them, there are times when it’s best to let go of troublesome clients.…