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Engage in Better Learning While Pursuing Our INFS Diploma

Are you considering pursuing INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness or looking to boost your knowledge and understanding in the field? If so, we have some valuable insights for you! Our INFS Diploma Course covers the twin disciplines of Nutrition and Fitness for our students to become successful coaches in the health industry.

Research shows that as adults, our way of retaining and recalling information changes, and understanding things can greatly enhance our learning experience. So, if you are currently pursuing our INFS Diploma Course or planning to join the program, this blog will provide you with tips and strategies to enhance your learning experience at the same time.

Review, review, review

Long gone are the days when once you read something stayed in your mind for hours. You need to review and revise more often than you think. Multiple reviewing and revising help to solidify the concept and understanding and ensure long-term memory retention.

The easiest way to achieve this is by attempting the end-of-chapter quizzes provided in your INFS Diploma course material and thoroughly revising the end-of-chapter summaries. This will not only help you gain a better understanding of your course material but also work as a revision workbook exercise, which will engage you in practical aspects of your learning.

Engage actively in problem-solving

Active learning is the key to deepening your knowledge and truly grasping the subject matter. As you progress on your INFS degree, remember to engage actively in the learning process to make the most out of your educational experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, participate in discussions, and seek answers to your doubts.

However, the true power of learning lies in its practical application. Applying theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios will not only help you solidify your understanding but also help in on-spot critical thinking skills, which is essential to becoming a successful coach in the field of fitness.

Group-based learning with faculty guidance

As you continue with your INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness, the best way is to engage yourself in group-based learning opportunities led by your faculty member. Attend these sessions and you will be able to ask questions and seek clarifications. The faculty members have an understanding of broad backgrounds and extensive experience. Take benefit of their expertise and get a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This will build your confidence to express yourself in front of others and also provide a common platform to interact with both the instructor and your fellow learners.

Building exam confidence

Confidence in your foundational concepts is the key to success when facing exam questions during your INFS diploma journey. Be confident about the basic concepts that you have built throughout the course. Remember, thorough revision is essential. Take your time to review the material, strengthen your understanding, and address any areas of doubt and uncertainty. By actively engaging in practical channels, you will be able to grasp your knowledge better, ensure its practical use and relevance, and sail through your exams with confidence.

Get hands-on experience through FTP

As you progress on your learning journey, two essential components, the FTP report and presentation, will provide you the valuable opportunities to demonstrate your understanding, showcase your skills, and reflect on your experiences. View each client as a stepping stone toward your personal and professional growth. Learn from every engagement with a client and apply your knowledge for quality results.
Craft a well-structured report to highlight your growth, achievements, and the knowledge you have gained. It will not only showcase your competence but also help you gain a deeper understanding of your progression and development.

Explore the social media gold mine

In today’s digital world, social media has become a gold mine of opportunities for those preparing for the field of fitness and nutrition. Engaging with the FITTR and INFS community on social media serves as a powerful platform for networking, learning, and growth. It allows you to exchange ideas, solve queries, gain insights from industry experts, and stay updated on the latest trends and research in the field of fitness and nutrition. By actively participating in these online platforms, you will not only contribute to collective knowledge by also improve your growth and visibility, while showcasing your passion and dedication to the cause.

Wrapping it up

At INFS, we are committed to supporting you at every step of the way while you pursue your Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness. We want you to believe in yourself, stay dedicated, and fully explore your learning journey ahead.

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