Podcast EP2: Sleep introduction

In the second episode of the INFS podcast, Nachiketh Shetty (faculty, INFS) and Utsav Agarwal(faculty, INFS) discuss one of the three most important areas of fitness, sleep; Nutrition and Exercise being the other two.

It was important to speak about sleep and discuss the downsides of compromising sleep as there is very little awareness about its importance.…


A quality Sleep: Under-rated and Unexplored vertical of fitness goals (Part 2)

Author: Subia Khan

How adequate sleep is, its timeliness and quality is as crucial as diet and workout. We know this now!

Part 1 of the article focused on how sleeping pattern is, how it is regulated, causes of sleep deprivation and measures to correct the same

A quality Sleep: Under-rated and Un-explored vertical of fitness goals (Part 1)

Here we are continuing with even more critical insights..…