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Fitness=success in life

Is fitness and success in other aspects of life such as social, professional have any correlation? Well, we have many such examples like Mark Zuckerburg, Jeff Bezos, Mukesh Ambani, and many more who start their day with a fitness regime.

Let’s dig into this aspect of fitness, also. But before it, let see some similarities between them—

* Both are goal-oriented

*Both requires progression from time to time

*Both require or can be achieved when we get out of our comfort zone. Being lazy is not an option

*Both require scheduling things in advance, like at what time to work out, what workout I have to do, how I manage my rest day work with it. Scheduling and managing daily task work is the most considerable factor. Scheduling and management skill in respect of work is what success wants

*In Both, we learn the importance of time efficiency or how efficiently we can utilize our time

*Both require focus and vision

* Both require inner motivation and consistency 

*Both affect our mental and social well-being

So, how a fit life can make us successful in the social, professional aspect of life?

Answer to this lie in two aspects—

Biological aspect

Regular working out and improvising can actually improve many hormones (which affect us very significantly in various aspects of life)

*Dopamine is also named as a happy hormone because it makes our mood happy and makes us feel positive. Feeling happy further makes us energetic, and confidence build up in personality which enables us to connect with people, great focus on goal whether social or professional. Dopamine increases your assertiveness in social and professional situations.

*Serotonin is another happy hormone that helps in reducing depression and its symptoms also, at the same time, it stabilizes our mood and promotes good sleep. It makes us emotionally stable, happier, and calm. All these factors are needed in making wiser and good decision-makers.

*Besides these endorphins, the oxytocin hormone also plays a huge role in life, which fitness effect on these hormones.

  1. Practical aspect

* Exploring new things and ideas

Taking some time out for fitness lead to building up the habit of being active. And make us more productive and make us prone to explore new things and ideas in the business aspect.

*Goal orientation

We tend to learn up setting goals in life’s other parts also like setting a target in profits in business, getting more and more social by involvement in social gatherings, improving your circle by having positive behaviour.

*Management or priority giving

It’s the most important aspect of managing things or giving priority to time efficiency. All this we learn from fitness. Taking some time out from our busy schedule to work out makes us efficient in time utilization rather than watching Netflix. We tend to learn what is important to do and what not, which enables us to use the most important things first.

*Progress seeking attitude or being more productive

It makes us prone to look out for more and more various aspects of life. We increase our performance, physical, mental well-being through fitness. This thing changes our way of thinking about life. It makes us more hungry for progress as we seek progression in the fitness regime.

*Some studies also suggest that kids who are involved more in physical activity have shown good academic performance.

Take away

Any fitness activity, whether it’s yoga, gymnastic, or ur favourite sport, these are inversely correlated with progression and success in various aspects of life, like social and professional.

Author: Sagar Jotwani

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