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Fitness journey of moms

 Are you finding it difficult to do workouts at home?

                   Are you a new mom or a mother of 10 years old?

                  Are you a postpartum mother and finding it difficult to get time for yourself?

If yes,

It is all about time management and efforts when you are a busy mom/a home maker /a new mother. Earlier, there were too many misconceptions about women health and workout. Women can’t do strength training. They will be masculine like men if they followed a strength training regime but you don’t need to do workout like an athlete to lose some weight or following a healthy lifestyle nor you won’t be masculine after doing strength training. Some small – small changes can contribute to remarkable changes. You just need to focus on daily habits and consistency.

Do we really need to work out like a pro?

No, not at all.  we complicate things and make them hard.

 Any kind of physical activity for 30 minutes to 40 minutes which we enjoy most and can do consistently. We should include strength training in our workout schedule for 3 days a week. We can start with body weight training. I still remember how I started my fat loss journey with a pair of bottles used as a dumbbell, sugar packets, rice packets etc.

Always remember “Nothing grows in comfort zone if we want to achieve something we have to leave our comfort zone”.

 Do we mothers really can’t find time to do workouts?

No, not at all. But I know it is difficult sometimes and I can relate to it. I remember many times in between the workout I cooked chapati for my kids, they feel super hungry while they watch their mummy is super busy and I don’t have any other choice to leave my workout in between so my point here is “priority” which always matters. With your family, kids and friends, work, home and everything it is your duty to choose your health as a most important priority because only and only fit moms make fitter homes.

Take out 30 minutes to 40 minutes for yourself and indulge yourself in any kind of physical activity and always remember kids learn only from their elders.

You can try “POMODORO TECHNIQUE”. Link is given below.

Do we need to start a fat loss journey just after Postpartum?

Postpartum fitness is tough but not impossible. Don’t be in rush to lose weight after postpartum. Give time to your body to heal and repair.  Here, I want to share my experience with you all. I was Three months postpartum and I couldn’t lift my son from the bed that day I realized something is wrong with my body. So many thoughts were in my mind The first thought was “I am not the only woman who gave birth to a child then why only me is feeling so weak?

  I have already seen so many new moms in my family and friends. They were in much better condition physically and emotionally. “Everybody is different and works differently on this planet” I learned it very late but I am grateful that I learned it the incorrect way. I was fascinated by Instagram fitness models and dreamed to achieve a body like them. I know anybody can achieve that kind of figure but need consistency and a lot of patience and I don’t have that much time in my hand to give my best and achieve my goals and I can’t achieve the same results at the same time because everyone is different and everyone’s body works differently.

I started a search on google for finding out the reason of my this changed behaviour and found I was facing postpartum depression which was making me weak emotionally and physically. only I could feel this drastic change in me.  According to my family, nothing was wrong but inside me, something is banging in head that something is wrong.  I was not happy. I was feeling disconnected from everyone. I was weak and shattered but I gathered my all courage and started a search on google and in some other fitness groups, the only reason of this search was to regain my physical health and mental health. Which is going to help me transform mentally and physically. 

You can’t transform physically until you are not mentally transformed. The only constant thought was in my mind at that time was “I can’t be weak. I have to take care of my both kids and most importantly I have to take care of myself”. After so many researches and discussions, I got to know that I am facing postpartum depression.  I was aware something is wrong with me but I couldn’t make understand to my family that I was not comfortable with my body and mind and it was postpartum depression. My Dr. didn’t allow me to do any workout except walk so I started to walk at home whenever I got time, holding my munchkin in my hands and it helped in handling my postpartum mood swings, gastric issues and most importantly it helped in restart my fat loss journey.

Small efforts which we can put to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

1-Drink 3liters to 4 litres of water daily.

2-Sleep at least 6 hours to 7 hours

3-Include any kind of physical activity in your routine.

4-Walk as much as you can. 

5-Quantify your food or do portion control.

6-Include fats in your diet.                   

                        CHANGE YOUR EFFORTS INTO SUCCESS

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