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Innovate Or Perish (Mindful Eating)


 If many years ago, early man had not decided upon innovating himself, we would still be busy imitating monkeys.

To begin on a lighter note, I believe many of us are still in an early-man thought process of imitating other people’s success stories rather than creating our own.

INNOVATION:  Innovation is a significant positive change, it’s a result, and it’s an outcome.

For ages, we have heard that people talk about mindful eating to which I wonder what exactly is mindful eating that everyone talks about but very few go to the crux.

I think the journey of innovating oneself begins with the first bite of food we put in our mouth when we are born.  The first thing introduced to a newborn is honey and it’s kept with lots of positive thoughts, so a child grows to be everything his food carries.

With the passage of time, we have forgotten that we are to eat mindfully to innovate ourselves into a better version of our own existence, So, why not we be born again and consume every portion of food mindfully.

Food stays with us till we are alive; it becomes part of our body and stays with us till we perish. So, why eat mindlessly?

Let us begin eating by closing our eyes and being grateful for having food to eat, then let us put a thought of what we want to achieve in life in our food. This food breaks down and reaches essential organs of our body carrying positivity, helping us innovate our own being with every passing day.

How To Innovate Oneself

The key to innovation is    


See, the journey to meet the new you begins with self. One has to be self-disciplined to work on innovating oneself every single day. The self-discipline of eating right, it’s difficult to choose what not to eat but it’s even more difficult to choose how to eat right. that’s where walks in self-control (which works hand in hand with self-discipline).

The consistent effort to wake up every morning with the thought of meeting our new self is self-motivation.

Then walks in the thunderous part of the process, SELF-START. No one is going to come and tell us to wake up and start working on innovating ourselves, it’s only us vs us.

In today’s time if we don’t take a step towards innovating ourselves we will perish in our own being. It’s the way nature works, if a flower does not innovate to bloom into a fruit it will perish and will never reach its most ripe and beautiful form.

Come let’s start by working on ourselves and give a kick start to the whole purpose of our existence and work towards meeting the new innovated you, who is innovated physically, mentally, and spiritually in the most fantabulous version of thyself.

Breathing is just living, LET’S INNOVATE TO BE ALIVE

  Author: Dr Shambhavi Bhalla


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