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Scope of career in fitness in 2023

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The start of a new year provides fresh prospects, and what could be better than doing what you enjoy?

If you have been bitten by the fitness bug and find satisfaction in helping others, then pursuing a career in the fitness sector is something for you.

After a catastrophic year in and around Covid, the fitness industry has been completely reborn with a new look.

It is necessary to understand that previously, gyms across the regions were important market drivers; however, with the covid and innovative ways to supply exercise and teach people, online markets appear to have taken over as the face of the fitness sector.

The online market allows us to start with very little capital and with very few qualifying hurdles.

Furthermore, this is something that may be done alongside your current job or as a side hustle, depending on your time availability. Part time fitness coaching is a real thing!

My simple advise – Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this $40 million+ market that allows you to make yourself and others fit and happy.

Today, I have two blog posts for you. The first one is an inspiring story of Varun. The second blog post is a detailed guide on how to become a fitness trainer.

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INFS Alumni Series: Strengthened By Science, Driven By Empathy

Varun Garg is a B.Tech graduate and has a family business to look after. He is a doting father to two kids and loves to play football with them. His faith in science and desire to help others have led him to the field of fitness and nutrition.

Read on to learn more about Varun’s transformation from handling business to becoming a fitness coach.

How to become a fitness trainer in India?

In the last decade or so, there has been a boom in career opportunities in the fitness industry.

If your goal is to become a fitness trainer, then read this guide to learn about the required educational qualifications, certification courses and other important tips to become a certified fitness trainer in India.


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Certified Personal Trainer Course 

The Certified Personal Trainer course by INFS is your key to unlocking the client-focused approach of personal training.

Get started by first understanding the basics of human anatomy and physiology to later advance and learn the fundamentals of exercise science. By understanding human movements, you will be able to educate your clients on applying correct techniques for efficiently executing exercises, avoiding any injury risks.

Through the course, you will get a grip on assessing your clients’ fitness levels. Accordingly, you will then be able to customize optimum exercises plans for your clients to help them reach their goals. You will get to know different ways of manipulating the training variables for drafting a results-driven exercise program.

Click here to learn more.

INFS Career Board

We want to be your career guide right when you join any of our courses to the very end i.e. until you have found your dream job.

To make this process easier for you, we have started this career board. This section will be updated regularly with new job openings in the fitness industry.

Here are some of the latest job openings:

Basic Coach at Fittr

Personal Trainer at Fittr

Online Coach at Boxfit

Click here to learn more

INFS Webinar Series

We have recently started a webinar series. These webinars are conducted live by our expert faculty members. Via these webinars, you can learn about different topics at an affordable price.

Live webinar with a QnA session.
Interact directly with the expert speaker.
Certificate of attendance.

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