Part time fitness coaching: Is it a viable option?

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Fitness coaching is a popular career option nowadays. While some people build their career in fitness from the get-go, some of us want to be sure if this is actually meant for us.

In such a scenario, you can consider part time fitness coaching. Given that you cannot immediately quit your current job, commitments, or career to become a fitness coach, part-time coaching is an excellent place to start with.

It is also important to understand that it takes time to get established as a fitness coach. Since the fitness industry is evolving, professionals are getting more and more customer-focused and competitive. This means it takes time, energy, and effort to stay relevant in the field.

Invest time in your learning, hone your skills and stay up to date when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

In short, you can definitely work as a part time fitness coach if you are ready to put in the efforts and hard work. It all boils down to your goals and your passion for fitness.

Today, I have two blog posts for you. The first one is an inspiring story of Ruchi. The second blog post talks about part time fitness coaching.

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INFS Alumni Series – Once A Teacher, Always A Teacher

Fitness coaches are those individuals who shape others’ lives in the literal sense. Not only do they help one with weight loss or muscle gain but also educate them about leading a sustainable lifestyle.

It wouldn’t be too wrong to say that a coach is no less than a guru or a teacher. Living these words is our INFS alumnus – Ruchi Bhardwaj Barah.

Read on to learn more about her journey.

Can you be a Part-Time Coach?

The reason we typically want to do something part-time is that we either want supplementary income or we are really passionate about something which is not part of our full-time role.

There are many fitness professionals who started out part-time and eventually moved to it full time. This is because the fitness industry lends itself very well to time flexibility.

Read on to learn more about part time fitness coaching.

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To make this process easier for you, we have started this career board. This section will be updated regularly with new job openings in the fitness industry.

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