Stories of Hope (Mental Wellness)

You Are Worth It. You Are Worthy !!!


There is always hope when everything is against you. The word hope is my savior. I do have a set of mental setbacks that act as a catalyst for my emotional and physical transformation. We cannot measure how deep and challenging these setbacks are and how much impact they have on someone’s life constantly. But my sufferings have turned me into a much stronger being.

My mental harassment started with my marriage. All seemed good till I became a victim of the typical Indian household mentality. I was a perfect example of how a daughter-in-law is ill-treated due to the toxic ideology of her in-laws. 

Being an educated and earning daughter-in-law, I could not escape from this situation. I was asked to obey everything being told without raising a voice. I was a victim of foul and abusive language being used at me but that is not considered abuse in any way because it is not physical and we do not acknowledge Mental Abuse, right? 

I was always ill-treated and disrespected. I was in constant sadness and deep mental trauma with such behavior but this does not end here. There are incidents to date when several taunts, lies, abusive behavior, and ill-treatment is on the go but I choose to rise above my situation because I refused to see myself being treated this way. Wondering what would be the reason behind all this? A choice marriage. (which is termed a love marriage ) It was my husband’s choice but not theirs.

How I overcame this? 

There were times when despite knowing everything, I didn’t feel like working out and was not eating right. I named it stressful eating. The food gave me comfort in those challenging situations. But I figured out my ‘WHY ‘? and that was so important to me. My ‘WHY ‘is: Are you willing to change or do you want to stay in this situation your whole life? I took charge of my life. I was being projected as useless and complete shit according to my in-laws and they could take the advantage of saying anything to me because they had a very powerful weapon named: OLD AGE.

How I started- Getting out of this and achieving my mental wellness was not at all easy. I started my fitness journey again during COVID because that was my peak of emotional breakdown. I came across FITTR and started afresh. 

My coach gave me a push which was much needed at that time because I was not able to do so by myself at that very moment. I believe it is my calling and my coach came into my life as a blessing. My Coach helped me realize my love for my passion (fitness) which was buried somewhere deep down due to all the mental setbacks faced by me constantly. But now there is no looking back. 

I have enrolled in INFS Diploma course in Nutrition and Fitness and completed two workshops also. I am focussing on making myself better now. A lot more problems in life has solved by just removing some people and some habits.

I am sharing my personal experience to let every single person reading this, who feels unworthy and undesired at any time in life know that if you get to know your ‘WHY’, then you are unstoppable. When life drops you down to your worst, just trust the process. 

Diamonds are shaped under intense heat. This is the phase when you have to push yourself mentally because it is not at all easy and can be tiring most of the time. But, perseverance is the key. When something bad happens to you do not let it break you, let it strengthen you. We usually do not look for the good things that come with the bad and trust me it’s the time to invest in yourself. There is nothing stronger than a woman who has rebuilt herself. 

Author: Jasleen Kaur


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