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My Struggle After The Pandemic


I believe it is easier to fight our physical ailments than our grieving minds.

Hello, I am Pooja an educator and a mother of two mischievous monsters 🙂

The pandemic has given people varied experiences and my story is no exception. We were in our hometown, the first corona wave had just passed by, a bit relaxed with the hope that things will be fine soon. During the pandemic, a lot consciousness regarding health grew among people and I was following the same. So, working out became a routine and I was happy with the results. 🙂

To our surprise, our whole family was Covid positive in the second wave. We all were supporting each other at such a time physically and emotionally. This was the time when many of the near ones passed away due to Covid.

Though I recovered in a month, I was physically weak, but more than that I was getting weaker in my mind, I was grieving so much for the woes and negative news all around that I forgot something wrong was stepping its steps inside me.

I was getting weaker and my face would easily reflect this. People even started saying perhaps you have worked out a lot. :-))

Yes, I could sense something was not right, getting stomach upset very frequently, heavy breathing, anxiety, crying for no reason, I was experiencing all of that. I was on antibiotics every alternate month for my upset tummy and trust me, I never had stomach issues earlier. Yes, I heard these could be after-effects of covid but for how long???

What was happening to me I was not aware of. Then I started researching and found out my symptoms were very much related to mental wellness. So I was going towards or already in the grip of it, I had no idea.

The moment I found out I was already leaving for a trip during the Christmas holidays. So the first thing I did was cry a lot and then alert myself. A good trip after so long with my family helped a lot. And guess it worked like magic. Don’t know where those stomach issues were during the trip?? After coming back, I occupied myself, tried to work on mood swings, and keep myself away from the negativity that was instilled in me during the pandemic.

The reason why I suffered from this I would say overthinking of despair all around. Why did it take so many months for me to diagnose this? I have no answer. Why I didn’t talk to anyone about it? Maybe because I wasn’t aware or couldn’t find the right person or time to share.

Things are not over yet. It’s been five months, and I am feeling better, but whenever negativity or fear runs around me due to any reason for the present situation it makes me weaker. I can feel it coming back and feel helpless with my emotions sometimes. Finding happiness and satisfaction with the things around me is what I am working towards.

Though I didn’t seek any therapeutic help as I am trying to be strong myself and working on it holistically but I would seek it when needed.

It is said that a healthy body possesses a healthy mind, and I believe vice versa. Being mentally strong gives you reasons to live a happy and healthy life. This difficult period only made me yearn for the most invaluable asset which is Happiness!!!!!

Author: Pooja Sengar


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