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Mommy’s Days Out

Let me take you back to the year 2013. It was the day when I got the best news of my life. The news of the arrival of my “to be baby”! yes baby! I was gonna be a mummy! and I simply can’t explain how it felt. 

Time went on. Life is life and it had to take some unexpected turns. To make me feel different. That difference was reflected in the mental and physical change that I underwent within a couple of months.

I hated that big-looking tummy and my mood swings. Don’t even ask me what I was going through.

Then came the day that changed my life forever. She came out finally! Yes, I was a mother of a cute little baby girl and I loved it. But it was painful, as the procedure was a C-section.

The next few months were full of mixed feelings. I just couldn’t get rid of those stretch marks. That hanging tummy and that crazy voice in my head that kept telling me that you have lost it, fatso! You are never gonna look good again.

Fast forward to 2018.

I had learned to live with those tires around my belly and I did not mind if the kids called me “AUNTY”. 

Around that time I got the good news again.

 Yes! you got that. we were having our second baby.

In April 2019 my boy opened his eyes and I started to shut mine wherever I came across anything close to a mirror.

I was close to the most horrible-looking self of mine and I had almost given up on myself.

I was happy, happy to be a mother of two, happy to be a part of a loving family.

But something was eating me up. I was feeling hollow inside as if I had no purpose left in life. I felt like I was going to live and die just like that. With big bums and no energy left within me.

That was the time I got a gift from my hubby. The gift of a push towards professional help from FITTR.  And boy! I went all in!

The rest has been history in making.

“This mommy started spending her days out baby 😍”

Forget about all that I have been able to achieve physically. And just remember that now I got a smiling mirror. The one that has promised to stay there with me, forever!

And now I have promised myself, that I’m gonna buy that mirror for as many others as I can, by being their mentor on their road to happiness.

Let’s say cheers to life again!!!

Author: Meenu Nayar



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