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Turning point of my life

If you are like me, then living a fit and healthy lifestyle is an important goal for you. Today, more than ever, there is a renewed understanding of fitness and health. I have a clearer picture of how an unhealthy lifestyle can impact your every day. I was not at all athletic at the beginning. I started to find myself facing health problems like back pain and knee pain. I didn’t pay any attention to my health. I faced this problem consecutively for 12 years, since my first delivery. I wanted to lose weight only to look good. For 2 years, I lifted weights and did cardio at the local gym. I wasn’t disciplined, pretty clueless, and miserable. I had no idea what I was doing. I had way too many choices of things I should be doing to lose body fat and I was overwhelmed.

I did unhealthy things like not fueling my body properly. I was trapping myself in a cycle that started with me eating sparingly during the day, exercising way hard to lose body fat and blow off steam, and then overeating later that night. I did this for YEARS. After going through all these things, I decided to join FITTR. I was hesitating while filling out the form. I had already lost hope because of the failures. There were conflicts going on in my mind. “Whether this platform is good or not? If I enroll here, will there be any side effects on my body?

What if I give up in the middle of the transformation?” At last, I filled it. I got introduced to my coach, the platform, and to the challenges. I successfully overcame my back pain and knee pain. This whole time, I thought I wanted to be skinny, but now I knew what it was like to be strong. It was about making me better, more powerful. Fitness is about feeling accomplished and free, feeling good for now and later.

It’s not about looking the very best you can and not being able to see it. It’s not about hating your body. Fitness saved me. I could physically do so many things that I never dreamed would be possible, and I developed a friendship with my body. Exercise is a way to celebrate ourselves, not a punishment for what we eat.

At this moment, when someone asks me what’s the best thing I have ever achieved in my life, I would proudly say “The best thing I have ever achieved in my life was to make the decision of changing my body and lifestyle.” I could have continued to experience those health issues than get rid of them. But, I chose the second option. This has become my passion, and now I want to take it to the next level.

Author: Shruti Agarwal

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