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  Passionate teacher to powerful trainer

My Beautiful Self

My beautiful self, Rupadevi – I am 43 years young. I am the youngest and most lovable child in my family. I was an outstanding student in all activities, a leader in my school and college days. Throughout my life, one thought firmly reminds me – “I WAS DESTINED AT BIRTH TO FULFILL A PURPOSE”. I started my career as a Biology teacher. I am M.sc B.ed, rendered my services as a teacher and administrator in India and overseas for 20 years. I had a wonderful wedlock with  Jyothirao at 24, blessed with a boy and girl, sharp and smart. 

My Fitness Journey

My hubby, a personal trainer, is my first inspiration in terms of fitness. He lost 30 kg to transform himself and then initiated his own fitness institute (gym) in our hometown, Srikalahasti, A.P, after relocating from UAE. Our NFT (our gym) is almost 10 years old now. In my profession, I discharged my duties effectively, earned good fame as the best teacher, and won the hearts of many children.  Busy with my profession, I ignored my fitness for many years. Though I was healthy and beautiful, I realized the true meaning of “Being Beautiful”.  I started my fitness adventure in 2019. I lost 7 kg of fat, started working out in our gym, and continued my job as a school principal.

Due to some health issues, I left my job. In 2020, with the post-pandemic effect on the entire world, I took a big leap in my career. Now, I am in the fitness field, have completely started helping my husband at our gym, and am taking care of my workouts. FITTR endorsed my interest in my fitness and led me to explore more in the same. Quantified nutrition and resistance training made my body physically and mentally stronger. I have participated in all challenges in TC14 and TC15 till date. I am glad to share that I have enrolled in the INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness Course. Being a part of INFS, I could learn more and could notice the change in the way I train women in our gym. Now, I am in the body recomposition phase. I love watching myself in the mirror when I run on the treadmill and while lifting weights.

As a teacher, I molded thousands of students and successfully sent them into various professions, and got a unique identity as a teacher. As a fitness trainer, I aim at transforming many women, making them fit so that they do their best in many professions. When it’s true that “a teacher creates many professions”,  I want to make sure that a fitness trainer can make any professional the best, inside and out. When I was in my earlier profession, I had to go for surgery – a hysterectomy. Within a few months, on the doctor’s advice, I postponed the surgery and tried changing myself through fitness. Now, I have completely forgotten that issue as I am getting fitter gradually.

I LOVE THE WAY I AM TODAY – looking after my sweet home or gym while pursuing my Diploma course at INFS. 

R-Radiant and Recognizable

 U– Unlimited and Unusual

 P– Pretty and Powerful

 A– Ambitious and Amazing Woman

I have a lot to achieve more in this fitness journey.

Women are the backbone of family and society. One thing that always runs in my mind – Never let any woman ignore her health which is great damage to her family and society.

“We are already stronger, let the world perceive our strength.”

Author: Rupa Devi A

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