Managing Diabetes: What you need to know!

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I hope you are doing well. I recently read that the number of Diabetics has doubled to 80M in India and 540M globally. 

This one personally hits home because the primary cause of type 2 diabetes is sedentary lifestyle and eating an unhealthy diet – the very things that we want to change.

While there is no cure for diabetes, it is possible to manage the condition and even reverse it in some cases.

In its early stages, diabetes can sometimes be managed through lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight.

These changes can help to lower blood sugar levels and improve the body’s ability to use insulin.

Therefore, it is important that the early signs of high blood sugar are identified and intervention starts in the initial stages itself.

In fact, it is never too early to start living a more active and healthy lifestyle!

Knowing more about the enemy is always advantageous, and so this week’s post covers some interesting facts about diabetes, including symptoms, management and more.

Whether you’re someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes, or you simply want to learn more about it, I think you’ll find the posts to be informative and useful.

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Symptoms of Prediabetes

Diabetes is a very common lifestyle disease. Its prevalence is increasing day by day. The earlier it is diagnosed the better the prognosis. There are certain symptoms of prediabetes that if understood earlier may help in beginning treatment earlier too.

Read about them in the following blog.


Lifestyle Management of Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder. It can be controlled and sometimes also reversed by lifestyle modifications. Managing lifestyle for controlling diabetes is more of setting new habits and breaking the old ones and this is the major challenge.

This blog will help you motivate yourself to bring about this change.

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