Reconsider that tea / coffee with your meal! (30th November, 2022)

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Have you ever thought about how food combinations came about? Why certain foods are consumed together or specific spices added to foods while cooking?

It is not just taste that governs food combinations. The absorption of certain vitamins and minerals in the food makes it easy for the body to digest and absorb it.

So, even if you think you are eating enough of a particular nutrient in your diet (particularly micronutrients), you can improve its absorption by eating it in combination with other foods.

An example is squeezing lemon on your salad. The vitamin-C from the lemon helps in the absorption of iron from green leafy vegetables. Similarly, heating vegetables with turmeric improves the availability of beta-carotene in the vegetables to the body.

Isn’t this fascinating?! And it doesn’t just stop there, your cooking method, even your utensil matters, the spices enhance nutrient availability and in some cases also reduce it.

For example, the tannins in tea can reduce the absorption of iron from a meal. The polyphenols from coffee also show a similar effect. Know anyone who has coffee or tea along with their meals?

This can be important if you consume micronutrient foods in limited quantities or have lower digestion capability like when you are sick or the ageing adult.

So, this week, I have selected these fascinating articles for you. The first one is about iron deficiency and the second one talks about calcium supplementation.

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Iron Deficiency in Women

Iron deficiency is a major public health burden among women not only in India but even globally. Iron is an important element required for the normal functioning of various organs of the body. Iron deficiency results in various harmful effects on women’s bodies.

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