Stop Feeling Guilty and Stop Apologising (30th November, 2022)

Hello reader,

Have you had days when you did not feel like getting out of bed in the morning?

The mental exhaustion can be so severe that it can seem to drain you physically too.

You are not alone. We take on so many unnecessary projects and tasks just basis the guilt we feel of not being able to do enough. Well this needs to stop because it leads to complete exhaustion and burnout!

More than 26% of men and 34% women at work have reported that they ‘always’ or ‘very often’ feel burnout.

Even housewives are not immune to this. In fact, their burnout rates are also in a similar range where they report feeling exhausted, under-appreciated and fatigued.

Burnout can suck the joy out of life. You start to question everything – from your job, daily chores to the major life decisions you had taken. This is a bad state to be in for days on end. Let us talk about what YOU can do to get back that spring in your step!

TUNE-IN and GET COZY with your challenge

This is going to be difficult but you have to look your pain right in the eye. Sit in a quiet place and think about the things that are sucking the fun from your life. Better yet, write them down.

Is it a person, a situation or both?

Write in detail so that you articulate the problem(s) finally. Now answer another question – ‘What’s it to you?’ Why are your personal feelings so stirred up with this person or situation? 

This will help you get to the fear that is draining your energy. Once you see your problem head on, you are taking away its power on you and now you can come up with a list of solutions.


Talk to a neutral third party who can give you a different perspective. We can sometimes get so caught up with our line of thinking, that we blow a problem out of proportion. We allow it to take over our mental life. Put it back in its place. It might not be such a big deal after all.


If you take away only one thing from my email today, then please take this – ‘please be more selfish’. 

Be selfish with your time. Be selfish with how much you want to emotionally invest in a situation.

Be completely selfish about protecting your mental peace. Put down boundaries with people in your life and be vocal against things that offend your soul.

Stop apologising and feeling guilty for looking after yourself. Say no to stupid commitments that you do not care about. Your life choices should not be to please someone else or fit into an idea of a perfect mother, father, daughter, son and so on.

Protect your time and energy and put it into things YOU enjoy and love doing! Take up challenges that YOU enjoy solving.

Take care of things that YOU wholeheartedly want to take responsibility for. And be 100% present in these things.

I have started to re-orient my thinking and prioritising in this way. Moreover, I have stopped ‘sacrificing’ in the name of relationship, work or friends.

In most cases I found out that the ‘sacrifice’ did not even matter to the other party. It was only in my head that I was sacrificing. :/

I hope you also start to find a rhythm in your days to do the things that fulfil you and not do things to please others in your life.

To help you learn more about this topic, I have two posts for you. The first post lists down 10 signs that show you’re burnt out. The second post talks about self-care practices for busy people.

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I would like to know about the concept of holistic nutrition.


There is nothing truly unique about ‘holistic nutrition’ per se. It is a marketing term, used to espouse nutrition that also supports mental and physical well being. Most courses that talk about teaching holistic nutrition will talk about the benefits of completing your micronutrient requirements by consuming more fruits and vegetables.

Some evidence of what holistic nutrition actually can be is in Ayurvedic texts, which talk about changing your diet as per the weather, your individual constitution as well as for supporting overall healthy mental life. You can review our Ayurveda short course for more details.

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