Stories of Hope (Mental Wellness)

Meenu Manohar (Story of Hope)

In the end, this Pain will make you Stronger!!” — Unknown


An 11year old girl couldn’t understand what she was going through! She had faced bullying, physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse. She turned into a quiet creature. No one tried to ask her or understand her. When she was 14 years old, she opened up her feeling of loneliness to her beloved one. But they had shut her down by saying “Stop being Dramatic”!! And she did!! She never opened up her emotions to anyone for the next 16 or 17 years by reminding herself it was all her fault!!! As a result, she is now suffering from anxiety, and panic attacks. Now she’s seeking medical attention and under therapy for the last 2 years with the help of her loving partner!!

Unfortunately, This child is Me!! This is my real story. The difficult path that I had been through and still struggling to overcome.  I can’t even imagine what emotions or when the anxiety attacks will pop up. It’s a roller coaster!! One day my psychologist and psychiatrist reminded me, to stop living for others and start taking care of myself! Today, I have realized how important our mental health is. 

Any mental illness isn’t glamorous or attention-seeking. Please stop calling us “Dramatic”.  No one would choose to fight a war in their mind 24*7, right? 

People die in silence every day due to our judgmental society and our society finally says “I wish he/she spoke up”!!! Please show some empathy. 

Hope one day we won’t be judged by others. Please don’t make them feel like they have to prove how unwell they are. It’s not a competition! We’re fighting a misunderstood, invisible illness that is life-threatening.

I hope one day, we won’t be ashamed to talk about mental health issues. I hope one day, seeking mental health treatment will be normal. I hope one day we can overcome this illness!!

All this pain taught me how strong I’m!! My medical professionals always remind me, “You’re Not A Victim! You’re a Warrior!!” After 18years, Today, I’m strong enough to say, Yes, I’m a Survivor! I’m not ashamed to say that! If I can fight through this, you can too. Don’t give up!! We’re not Victims, We’re true Warriors!!

“Our wounds are often the opening into the best and most beautiful part of us!!!” — David Richo. 

Author : Meenu Manohar

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