Stories of Hope (Mental Wellness)

Me – The Mentor And The Mentee

Who am I?

I am that individual who has become dauntless, blissful, optimist, determined, and peaceful, and the list is long with positive and euphoric adjectives. Today, how I describe myself, was not the same as a few years ago. The conflict between who I was and the person I have become, in these two states, there is a vast difference, and the transformation has made me believe in myself

My Adversities and My Accountabilities 

Adversities and inhibitions are a part of everyone’s life. Till the time we, humans are not challenged, we will never take an action. The same thing was also applicable to me. And the challenges which I had gone through in these two years were appalling.

My mood swings, PCOD, Hypothyroidism, Pre Diabetes, overweight, lethargy, anger management issues, swollen cheeks, puffy eyes despite long hours of sleep, and I believe the list is extensive. All health-related issues contributed to other trivial problems. Whether it was personal or professional, my relationships suffered to an extent that I had left my previous job on a bad note. I was not enthusiastic about myself and the work that I did.

My relationship with myself was so lethal that I always self-sabotaged to an extent that made me feel worthless. 

I realized I need to make myself happy and calm from within. As my well-being is my responsibility. No one can help me until I take responsibility and change my attitude towards my life.

So, the activities which I took up for myself to keep my mental health and wellness intact included physical activities also. This in return made me confident and assured me that I AM MY CONFIDANT.

  1. Reading books always gives me that feeling of helping myself, and even sharing it with like-minded people and implementing the wonderful idea of the authors in my own life.
  2. During the lockdown, I took up some free courses on Time-Management, Eating Right, on Exercise.
  3. I love journal writing usually with colorful pens, it gives me happiness from within. (maybe the color therapy works here for me)
  4. I never miss writing my gratitude journal (here, I have a list of thanking everyone).
  5. Mandala Art/ Colouring.
  6. Guided meditation (for me it is not easy).
  7. Breathing Exercise and Light Yoga (which I managed, watching Youtube videos)
  8. Listening to good instrumental music (makes me feel emotional and sometimes I cry, but it is good that I cry and take out my worries and stress).
  9. Going for a long walk alone, talking to self for getting clarity (Without any device).
  10. Talking to new people (I rarely did, I am not very comfortable, however, if this works one can end up making new friends).
  11. Watching some informative videos and writing my reflection OR listening to good PODCASTS.
  12. I spend time with my pets, it helps to rejuvenate.
  13. Switching off from the devices before an hour (including phones, laptops, ear pods, and even Television sets) and a sound sleep.

Physical Activities Include-

  1. 6km to 7km running
  2. I love to dance and do ZUMBA for an hour 
  3. 40km to 44km cycling, I love to explore and take pictures of my city. 


It was not easy but I mentored myself constantly. My activities helped my mental health to be robust and I am blessed that, my friends, my doctor, and people who know me, love me, and admire me for what I have achieved.

Thus, I conclude, that I am a SUCCESSFUL MENTOR of my own MENTEE. 

Author: Debasri Chakraborty


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