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Women – A complete being who can create, nurture and transform

Every human being on this earth has a different journey, more specifically, a woman’s life, when compared to a man, is extremely challenging given the various roles and responsibilities she plays in her lifetime. Well, I am no different, as a daughter, wife, and mother of two lovely kids I had my challenges too. 

The happiest day of my life was when I became a mother. The joy you get when you hold the little one in your arms is unparalleled and irreplaceable. My kids mean the world to me, they are the apples of my eyes. Never knew how time flew with my oh so adorable and beautiful children. My life revolved around making everyone happy, but it was at the cost of my health.

In the process of loving and caring for others I forgot and ignored the fact that self-care and self-love are of utmost importance as well. The epitome of ignorance was when my body started to show signs of pain and aches in one part or the other. The problems became more profound after the delivery of my second baby. My weight reached the highest (93.5 kgs) in my life ever, which in turn made me so immobile that I couldn’t play or run around with my kids, and this was the most disappointing matter for me.

Before I started my fitness journey my body was affected with chronic lower back pain, severe plantar fasciitis on both legs, right knee ligament injury and spondylitis on the left hand. Physiotherapy, chiropractor sessions, and medicines had become regular activities for me, but they would only give me temporary relief. I had lost my self-confidence. I wanted to be a stronger, better version of myself so that I could enjoy life with my kids. 

It dawned on me that, if I don’t take care of myself “NOW” and don’t do something drastic towards correcting my state of health affairs, I will be dependent on others which was never acceptable to me. Glad I realized it sooner than later or never and I wondered what and how I could improve. Luckily, I got introduced to Fittr and it took almost a year for me to start my fitness journey here. 

The journey so far

Putting your body through the most difficult task of working out after being in the comforts of food and a sedentary lifestyle is extremely difficult. Today I strongly believe in the quote “What seems IMPOSSIBLE Today will seem like your WARM-UP tomorrow”, as in the beginning, it was extremely difficult for me to perform even the simplest exercises. 

Whenever I came across a difficulty, I tried finding solutions, broke the bigger problems into smaller tasks. For example, if I felt that an exercise was too difficult for me to do then, I would go for a lower impact version of the same and manage to complete it instead of giving it up.

As Mel Robbins says: “Your life and your dreams are your responsibility. If you don’t prioritize them, nobody will.” Giving up was never an option for me as the result was too enticing. I always imagined myself running around with my kids, having abs, and getting my self-confidence back and this indeed kept me going.

I was very well aware that I had to embark on a long journey to achieve what I was dreaming about. It’s been 1.5 years since I started my fitness journey and like all journeys mine too had ups and downs. Pandemic brought my share of sorrows, but what is life without ups and downs. As Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count”.  

The fruits of labour

I have been consistently and persistently working towards my goals because of which the chronic lower back issues and the severe plantar fasciitis have reduced drastically. I have lost more than 30+kgs and lots of inches, but inversely gained a lot of strength, confidence. My involvement with my kids is more than what I could dream of. But, I am not satisfied yet, I want to become stronger and I am still working towards it every day.

Like they say “It’s very easy to give an example, but it’s very difficult to be “an” example”. Am trying to walk the talk, be a living example for my kids that we can achieve whatever we set our eyes on. I am working to be an example so that anyone who wants to take on the journey of fitness knows that it’s “possible” to do the things which look “impossible” in the beginning. 

In the words of John C. Maxwell “Dreams don’t work unless you do”. It’s just a matter of putting your heart and soul into what you want to achieve and giving your 100%.

To summarize

Remember WOMEN– A complete being who can create, nurture and transform. She can do whatever she sets her eye on. “GO FOR IT”. 

Author: Deepti Kalakeri Pakhanavar

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