Celebrating Women

C for Cancer C for Challenge C for Conviction C for Celebrating Women

“Fate whispers to the warrior, you cannot withstand the storm. The warrior whispers back, I am the storm.”- Unknown

In any situation, we always have two options – succumb or challenge, give in or persevere, defeat or victory.  My journey of the last two years has been a symphony of health & fitness.

My fitness journey with FITTR and INFS started in Aug 2020 when I enrolled and cleared my foundation level in ten days. I was on track to complete expert and become a FITTR coach. But, life had other plans for me. Mid-August I was diagnosed with breast cancer with liver metastasis, stage 4. 

The challenge began, just like FITTR TC, both emotionally and physically. My visits to the doctor, daily medication, endless MRIs, and PET scans went hand-in-hand with my personal challenge to keep myself motivated. And, the one crucial thing that kept me going was my FITTR family, the daily posts of transformations, encouragement by JC, and the INFS faculty. I decided to pursue my studies for the expert course.

One day, disheartened, I gave up. I stopped reading and exercising, gave up on my participation in TCs midway since, after all, it wasn’t worth it. Then in Feb 2021, with encouragement from my FITTR colleagues, I made a fresh determination to push myself again. Amidst two surgeries and radiation therapy, I completed my FTPs and took my expert exam. Failing once didn’t deter me, I prepared again and gave the test again next month, and this time I cleared it. I was a certified nutrition and fitness consultant in June 2021!!!

My health karma wasn’t ready to give up. Just when breast and liver cleared, a new tumor came up in the bone. Again, I was disheartened, again I pushed myself to fight it, not just for myself but for my family, especially my children aged seven and twelve.

“If you failed yesterday, strive to win today. If you were defeated today, strive to win tomorrow.” – Daisaku Ikeda

Come January 2022, I was confident to finally be able to report victory while a new tumor came up in the right axilla. As I await surgery and further radiation, I have decided this time to continue through my TC15 challenge to the very end. I haven’t missed a week till date, and I am determined to see it through the very end.  I look forward to applying for FITTR coach soon.   

What makes women inspiring are the different balls they juggle daily between work, family, and varied responsibilities, and come out a winner.

Without suffering, there is no joy.
Without perseverance, there is no achievement.
Without challenge, there is no victory.
Kudos to all women celebrating this wonderful existence! Let’s win together!!!

“A woman is like a teabag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Author: Aarti Sondhi

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