Celebrating Women

Celebrating women (Papareddy Abhinaya)

We are special

Being born as a woman is God’s gift. We are the creators of life. We play a multitude of roles,  albeit being professional outside the house. We are soft, pious, yet strong and powerful. Amidst many roles, we are constantly juggling to find balance, and struggling to find ourselves. 

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish – Michelle Obama 

We are indispensable in everyone’s life, and we make the most valuable contribution to the development of society and the world. Despite all these, women are being taken for granted, their opinions stay largely ignored, and their voices are suppressed. 

Health toll

Ever since my childhood, I was obese. I suffered from a lack of self-esteem as none of the regular clothes used to fit me. I endured body shaming for being obese, suffered from abnormal uterine bleeding, anemia, insomnia, and anxiety during my adolescent years. Due to this, I was kept on hormone supplements which led to further weight gain. I was even nicknamed and laughed at, which often left me feeling rejected and hurt. One day, my grandfather had a massive heart attack and he underwent bypass surgery. It was at that moment, I had decided to become a doctor. From then on, I spent most of my time studying till my dream came true.

A women’s health is her capital – Harriet Beecher Stowe 

First shift

When I was 25 years of age, I was in my final year of college, doing my internship. One of my friends enrolled me in a nearby gym. Within 3 months of intense hard work, a strict workout routine, and a diet, I lost 10 kg of weight. From then on, everything in my life changed.  

That was the happiest phase of my life. I was healthy and received love and appreciation from all since then. I started teaching the importance of healthy food and exercise to my family and friends and offered diet counseling to my patients. 

I am thankful for my struggle because, without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength – Alex Elle

Emotional setback

I had a very rough time during my post-graduation. I landed into uncommitted relationships, suffered from anxiety, depression, and got into unhealthy patterns of lifestyle. I felt low with no self-worth. I had nightmares while sleeping and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. I struggled to find balance in my life and started gaining weight despite going to the gym, doing workouts, and following a healthy diet. I reached a metabolic plateau

Progress is when we forgive ourselves for taking so long to treat our bodies like a home – Yung Pueblo 

Body positivity

One day, I was practicing gratitude meditation. As a part of it, I needed to forgive myself and thank my body for all that it went through and carried along since birth whilst holding onto so much pain. Tears started rolling down; I had forgiven myself completely for taking my body for granted. It changed the way I saw myself. Then, I kicked the plateau phase and restarted my journey. I am now midway through my transformation. 

Looking after my health today gives me a better hope for tomorrow – Anne Wilson Schaef 

I am Dr. Abhinaya, a physician by profession, fitness enthusiast by passion, and an NLP  Practitioner. I help people around me to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally. 

I like to thank my parents for standing by me, and also my friends, my trainers, and especially INFS and FITTR for providing life-changing platforms which have inspired me and many more, thereby aiding us in becoming the best version of ourselves. 

Author: Papareddy Abhinaya

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