Celebrating Women

Celebrating Women

Yes! I am a woman; an independent woman of today!! I feel prouder to say that!

Many of us have different stories of our own struggles and hard phases in our lives. But, is that an indicator to quit on our success? For me, it was a hard path to walk on. But, I tried hard and reached the top!

So, let’s peep into my journey!

My name is Nikita Nichani, born and brought up in Nagpur, Maharashtra. My life was going well until I was studying in the 11th grade. One fine day, while returning from my tuitions, an unfortunate accident occurred that changed my life completely – it happened within a fraction of seconds.

A few minutes later, I saw myself lying in the middle of the road with scratches all over my body. I had broken teeth and the major damage was caused to my left leg. It was in such a bad condition that I couldn’t even get up; walking was now a thing of ‘the past’. The doctor suggested operating on my leg to make me walk again. I was shocked, completely in grief, speechless, and confused. I was just sixteen and such an incident shook me bad. I was preparing for my 12th board examination, and this incident was very painful and unbearable.  

I knew that my recovery period would require a long period (the plaster phase, operation, physiotherapy classes, and so on). Though I had enthusiasm for studying, my confidence was low, and I had a gap in my studies. I believed in – “What happens always happens for a good reason”. Keeping this in mind, I pushed myself hard by engaging in exercises that really turned around my life. As my physical strength improved, my mental health rose too. I decided to study on my own for the coming year without any college and tuition. It was a completely new syllabus that I self-studied, and guess what, I ranked in the first division.  But, my mental and physical fight did not end up here; I wished to fight further.

I took admission to graduate in a college where my subject classes were held on the top floor. Climbing stairs at an early stage after my femur operation was not advisable. But, I did not give up and took this opportunity to build my physical as well as mental health. Since I loved studying, I used to reach my college half an early just to reach the top floor of the college, and attend all the classes wholeheartedly. 

As it is said,

“The mind and body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other”. 

My Achievements

I studied hard during my graduation and post-graduation years and I bagged – FIRST MERIT RANK FROM THE NAGPUR UNIVERSITY FOR CONTINUOUS 5 YEARS. I was not only the topper from my college but from the University!! Yippee!!  

Seeing my achievement in academics, I was awarded SIX GOLD MEDALS  by Dr. Anil Sahastrabudhe (Chairman of All India Council for Technical Education) and Shree. Nitin Gadkari (Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India). At present, I am being interviewed by the famous Indian English Newspaper –Lokmat Times for my personal views. 

Unbelievable, right? But, this is my true story that has inspired many lives.

Today, I see myself as an entrepreneur, working as a dietitian and nutritionist, nutrition content writer, and health coach. I am transforming people to reach their goals and remember me for a small contribution in their life. 

This is me. A woman, taking care of not only my family’s health but of the community too!

 Celebrating Victory Every Day!

Author: Nikita Nichani

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