Diploma Topper Series

Diploma Topper Series: A Little Concentration Goes A Long Way

This diploma topper started his journey at a young age and fared very well. Read on to know about his transition in the following story.

An Early Start

I am Aditya Singh. I am 18 years old and currently a student pursuing BBA. I completed the majority of my diploma course between the time my board exams got over and my college started.

Changes During Lockdown

I was a member of FITTR since 2020 and was aware of INFS and the course it offered. I was always a bit overweight, but during the 2020 lockdown, I decided to focus on my fitness and make a change. I lost weight, but most of it was due to fad dieting and not eating much. That’s why I decided to enroll under a FITTR coach.

My Fascination For Fitness

My coach educated me about the science behind diet and fitness. Fascinated by fitness science, I wanted to get a deep understanding of it. So, I decided to enroll in the diploma course in June 2022. I am very grateful that I am among the toppers of the course and looking forward to contributing something to the health industry.

How Being Proactive Helped

I had the whole day to study, so I decided to treat the course like a subject of my board exams and studied thoroughly. I used to study for around 6-7 hours daily. I also attended live lectures, but only for the topics I couldn’t understand. I took all the quizzes and actively participated in the Facebook group to help answer others’ doubts and questions.

Concentration and Examples

I believe the diploma course isn’t too difficult to pass if you go through the books and live lectures. However, my advice is to study with full concentration and explain the topics to yourself using self-made examples. If you can explain it to yourself, then you understand the topic.

Integrating Knowledge

As a management student, I plan to work in the management field, but I’m also passionate about health and fitness. I aim to integrate my knowledge from both areas and offer something valuable to people.

This is how Aditya became an INFS Diploma Topper, and you can do it too. Let us know your plans in the comments section below.

Editor – Dr Pooja Nilgar (Content writer and editor)

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