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How to increase your revenue as a fitness professional?

The fitness industry is inarguably growing as most people now are trying to focus more on health, particularly in the post-pandemic era. With the inflation of the fitness industry, there is also a need for more professionals. Most fitness professionals offer their services on both online and offline platforms. 

The question arises when it comes to the generation of revenue through their services. It’s not about just creating social media content. Your online presence is also very important and the first step to start lead generation and converting leads to prospective clients.

But you might be often wondering if this is enough for a decent take-home. How to strategize the ideas or plans you have in mind so as to give a boost to your services. 

It’s simple, to run any business, one needs to face challenges to get on a smooth path.

In this article, let us look at a few ideas which can help you generate income for your fitness services, be it a fitness studio, personal training, nutrition, or coaching in your niche, etc.

Personalize Your Program

Create your workout programs uniquely. This will be more appealing to the clients. These programs can be used to attract more clients to signup online, where you can also have daily or weekly thrice training sessions.

Access To Online Workout Videos And Recipe Guides 

Make recordings of various workout programs (pre-made) which can be uploaded as a bundle along with a self-designed tracking sheet. Workout programs can also be clubbed with recipe e-guides as a package. Some examples are workout videos for postpartum women.

Create Weekly/Monthly Newsletters

Workout programs or exercises that can target specific muscle groups or common mistakes that most people make can also be sent across as newsletters. For example, ‘How to train your glutes’ or ‘Top 5 exercises for Glutes’

E-books and Blogs For Health Institutes/Organizations

As evidence keeps changing in the health and fitness industry, one can also invest time in exploring various scientific literature and writing blogs for your own website.

You can also write paid blogs for other external health institutes, or organizations. Writing an e-book on specific categories, such as myths and facts, and macro-based or diet-type-based recipes can also add value to generate additional income.

Additional Revenue Streams  

Other than offline training, one can also offer online training, either 1:1 or group sessions. Depending on the goals and kind of interaction, fees can be varied.

Networking and Partnerships

If you own a gym studio, you can partner with other professionals who are certified or experienced in various other services such as Zumba, yoga, etc. Networking or connections with a few other good fitness professionals who can offer advice and tips to create better services can help in boosting your training income.

Brand partnerships, such, as health supplement companies can also add incentives to your regular income. But beware and make sure to promote products that are authentic and align with your stance on better health and fitness.

Offer Workshops, Seminars, or Webinars

You can offer various paid workshops for organizations that would want to help their employees stay fit. Seminars or webinars that talk about adequate nutrition are helpful in this aspect. Eg: How to plan a healthy meal plate or Importance of daily exercise routine or Habit-forming sessions, etc.

Create Podcasts

People love to listen more than read endlessly. Create your audio or video podcasts, share snippets of them on social media, and offer them paid subscriptions to hear them fully. Also, connect with other fitness enthusiasts or subject experts each week, with whom you can make certain interview podcasts.

Update Your Skills And Education

Of all, updating your knowledge by exploring or taking more certifications can add help you become more creative in your services. Learning a new skill (for example, calisthenics or Olympic lifting) and getting certified for the same can help you gain credibility and add to your credentials along with your regular training programs.

Take Away

It is always important to stay consistent with your choices and make good content for better reach of followers, generating leads, and prospective customers. Keep exploring, as the fitness industry changes certain recommendations, so that can be communicated with the customers. Try again and again, and maintain quality with the content for various streams you choose until they become the best sources of passive income.

Author: Praveena Kuchipudi (INFS Faculty)

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