3 Tips to develop Self-discipline

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Self discipline is an admirable quality. And it is something we can all get better at.

All of us are disciplined in one thing or another. It is because it is either ingrained in our routine or we care deeply about it.

The easiest way to be disciplined about anything is to apply it in situations where it can become a part of a system.

Like we all have a morning routine, you can tweak your morning routine to include one more thing that you want to be disciplined about.

Either that or it has to connect to something you deeply care about. The way to do it is think of the benefit in doing that thing, and connect it to what you care about. For example:

If family matters to you and you want to be self disciplined about starting a side hustle. You can think about how the additional income from the side hustle can improve your family’s standard of living. Remind yourself of this connection every time you find yourself wavering.

Lastly, create an environment that supports your goals. It can be as simple as setting aside dedicated, uninterrupted time to work on your side hustle.

It can be about keeping your motivation front and centre like tape your transformation inspiration to your mirror.

Your self discipline will increase as you start to take small steps.

I wish you strong self-belief to apply the discipline and turn your dreams into reality this New Year!

To help you learn more about this topic, I have two posts for you. The first post talks about self discipline. The second post explains the importance of setting goals.

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How to develop self-discipline?

Everyone has their unique definition of discipline. Some of you may feel it boring while some of you may regard it as a way of life. Developing self-discipline definitely has its own advantages.

If you are someone who struggles in this department then read this article  and help yourself to some discipline hacks!


importance of setting goals

Importance of setting goals

Every new year we make new resolutions but in a day or two we give them up! So many times we do not make any resolutions at all. Why do we give up on our resolutions? Why can we not stick to our goals?

Understand the reason why you need to set goals and get motivated to achieve them this new year!

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