Diploma Topper Series

Diploma Topper Series: When Passion becomes an Inspiration

Not only are the stories of our Diploma toppers inspirational but they come with an added advantage. There are many new learnings that you can imbibe through their experiences. Inculcating them even in the smallest way possible in your daily life may make a huge difference.

And hence here we present to you one such story of Prathima Sreenivasan who even though was doing well in her profession but still chose to follow her passion and completed her Diploma with flying colors!

My Profession and My Passion

Hello! My name is Prathima Sreenivasan and I am 45 yrs old. I live in Kannur district of Kerala with my family. I am a dentist specialized in Oral Medicine.

I work as the Professor and Head of the Department of Oral Medicine at Kannur Dental College. I am passionate about all aspects of fitness. I also love reading and cooking. 


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Study With A Research Attitude

Plan and schedule studying hours for a week. Cover it in any way possible. Speaking from my example, I could only allot half an hour in a day towards my studies. I could manage about 1 and 1/2 hours on the weekends.

But I did manage about 4 to 5 hrs of study per week. Apart from the active studies, I would recommend that future scholars attend live lectures and listen to live sessions in the FB group on relevant topics.

Also, listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos on related topics. Read articles on relevant topics. Research-based studying gives an excellent orientation to the subject. 

A Tiny Tip

Give importance to all 4 aspects of the course assessments. The basic, core, viva, and FTP are all important. Do not neglect any of it nor try to compensate.

The Bigger Picture

I want to guide and handhold individuals with chronic lifestyle-related medical problems in their fitness journey and help them live healthy lives.

For more such stories keep reading our Diploma Topper series blogs and do let us know your views in the comments section below.

Author: Dr Pooja Nilgar (Content writer and editor)

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