Diploma Topper Series

Diploma Topper Series: From Software Development to Personal Evolution

Here’s one more inspiring post in the Diploma Topper Series. Radhika Sathe will be sharing her experiences with us in this article.

Read more about how she realized her childhood dream and pursued her passion for nutrition and fitness in the article below.

Working Towards a Long-Term Wish

Hello folks, I am Radhika and I am a software developer by profession. And although software was my calling since childhood, I was keenly interested in sports and fitness.

I was and still am very passionate about nutrition and fitness and so I undertook a lot of research. During this time, I stumbled upon INFS and its courses and after a lot of deliberation, I decided to enroll in the Diploma Course in Nutrition and Fitness. and boy was I glad! Not only am I a topper of the April batch but a proud nutritionist and fitness coach by passion.

Daily Updation of Knowledge with a Little Bit of Social Fun.

On a daily basis, I used to go through articles and posts shared by all experienced coaches on the FITTR app and Instagram. I was also reading lots of content posted on Facebook by the INFS official group.

It wasn’t easy for me with my professional work going on side by side, it was tough with all the long working hours, but anyhow we spend lots of time on social media so I tried utilizing my time in reading and lectures!

A Methodical Approach and Practice Helped.

I was following an organized pattern for my studies. I used to daily go through 1 lecture followed by the same lecture’s book reading and then solving the MCQs of the same chapter. Along with that rather than just going for the theory, I also practised with my friends and family. I observed what works for them and how it was giving results. This is how I started applying my theory to practice.

Ask Questions and Clear your Doubts

I would like to say read as much as you can. Fitness and nutrition knowledge is very vast so grab as much as you can. Most importantly never miss your study group. It’s the most helpful thing. Ask questions in the INFS scholars’ group, to your teacher or to any senior coach. Clear all your doubts so that any myths and controversies are dealt with.

Such was Radhika’s story. We hope her advice and tips will help you all in your academic course. Keep coming back to this space for more such Diploma Topper stories. 

Editor: Dr Pooja Nilgar (Content writer and editor)

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