Diploma Topper Series

Diploma Topper Series: From Boosting Self-Confidence to Helping the Community

Launched in March 2021, the INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness is a one-of-a-kind course that offers comprehensive knowledge on nutrition, fitness, and coaching skills. In short, it will help you kick start your career in the fitness industry. 

The first batch of students have already passed out with flying colors and are turning their passion into reality. Some have fared exceedingly well not just in their exams but also in helping people set and achieve their fitness goals. 

Hence, we decided to get to all of you the experiences of these scholars in their own words. 

Introducing INFS Diploma Topper Series:

This blog series of Diploma Toppers will be filled with a plethora of rich accounts of the journeys of diploma scholars, from the time of enrolling in the diploma course till date. 

This series will be a great opportunity for new diploma scholars to understand the studying pattern of the toppers as well as apply the strategies shared by these toppers.

Let this series be a learning and motivating guide for all of you.

Let us begin this series with Deepak’s inspiring story. He fought obesity and is now helping others transform themselves. 

Let us see why he joined the diploma course and how he prepared himself for the exams.

Transformation and a Helping Attitude

My name is Deepak R. I am from Bangalore and I work as an IT manager. I am married and we have a beautiful daughter. 

I started my fitness journey 5 years back. From being obese to right now with a decent fat percentage, personally for me, it was an amazing journey. My self-transformation boosted my confidence and as I dwelled more in this arena of fitness, I got fascinated by Fittr’s vision and wanted to help the community. 

With this mission in mind, I enrolled in INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness course and completed it successfully. 

Topper of the Batch!

Benefits of group studies and live lectures

Group study helped me a lot in understanding practical scenarios. I attended most of the live lectures and this was beneficial. I also used to refer to the chapters pre and post the live lectures. This method helped me grasp the concepts pretty well.

A rough patch and recovery

I was very enthusiastic in the beginning and roughly spent 5 hours a week studying. But this enthusiasm diminished after a period of time due to my personal commitments. 

Soon the exams approached and I realized that slowing down was not an option. I desperately needed to buckle up! Hence, couple of weeks before the exams, I made sure that I spent almost 2 hours every day studying. 

I also revisited the recorded lectures and made notes for reference. I even attended the lectures posted on the INFS group. These lectures gave me immense knowledge.

Studying but in a different style

Listening to the recordings while driving and while completing my NEAT was another unique strategy I had employed. And I feel this way of studying contributed immensely to remembering the basics and brushing up on what I had already learned in class. 

I feel that the core exam requires intense preparation, hence I started making an elaborate plan to complete the modules. This planning helped me in the long run. I had dedicated my early morning hours and late evenings to studies while during the mid-day I focused on my regular job and completing my fitness routine. 

My notes helped me while preparing for the exams. I even bought a few posters for revision while walking around the house. The live lectures and the INFS groups proved to be a big help. 

A Trick from the Hat

In my opinion, a good plan should be in place while doing the exam prep. Making notes from every module and going through the chapters before the live lectures helped me tremendously. 

Another important tip for all of you who are attending these lectures and preparing for the exams is not to open the book during lectures and focus on what the faculty is teaching. 

Post the lectures, I would recommend revisiting the chapter to retain the information taught. This technique does not divert your attention when the class is going on, or you may miss out on some important points the faculty may tell. 

The Way Ahead

I got onboarded as a Fittr coach after my exam. I am now living my dream of helping the community. I assist people around me to transform and become the best versions of themselves. I will always strive to continue my service in the community for the betterment of the health of my loved ones and those who seek help from me.   


This was Deepak’s story. Like Deepak, there are numerous others who have shared their experiences with us. Stay tuned for more such blogs in the Diploma Toppers category.

Editor: Dr Pooja Nilgar (Content writer and editor)

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