Stories of Hope (Mental Wellness)


This was the word that was stuck in my mind when I took the opportunity to join the World’s Best Airline.

So, what does my story have to do with Resilience?

Everything worked out well when I started exploring different parts of the world and earning a handsome amount for just traveling. Well, at least this is what I thought- just traveling. Hardly did I have any idea what else it is taking away from me until COVID happened.

I used to live outside my country for my job and I had happened to visit my family. But, the moment I landed in my country, I got to know that I cannot go back because there are restrictions in the country where I worked, due to COVID. I kept checking the updates from my airline as the aviation industry seemed to take a back seat, God knows for how long?

I heard from my colleagues that they are laying off people and one day, I received an email that they need to discuss my status of employment. Of course, the status had to change from ‘employed’ to ‘redundant’. 

I was prepared for whatever was going to happen so I took it pretty well. I was still hopeful that I would be re-hired since I was their previous employee. But, how soon? I wish I knew. 

My Transition

Having spent 6 months at home, I learned how personal space and mental well-being are important and how they are interlinked with one another. I read quite a few articles about dieting and fitness so I started following random accounts to get some knowledge on how this works(so that I  could return to my job well and fit) haha!

Close to a year later, I was called back to my company as the situation got better and without a second thought, I agreed to rejoin. As I did not get closure on my last separation from my company, I needed a real one. 

Soon as I rejoined, I observed that the management was more messed up than ever, the payout was not as good as before, and I also got drained after operating some long-haul and ultra-long-haul flights(more than 6 and 11 hours respectively). I would eat whatever came to my sight. All of this started to bother me because I had seen a different and fitter world outside that company and that country. I had a strong urge to go back to that peace. I realized that it wasn’t the money I made by ‘just traveling’. It took away my peace of mind, my good eating habits, and my regular workout routine.

I loved what I ate and how I ate and how it affected my body and my mind positively. I missed being reached out by people for asking sensible and health-related questions and with time, it became extremely difficult for me to take even a day more in the company. I started putting on weight and with every flight, I started realizing that this is definitely not the end of the world. I had seen a better place(mentally) than this. And so my mind urged me to leave that job and go where I would find peace, where my heart smiles because my mind lets it.

When I was on the flight back home, I told myself “this was the closure I was longing to get” and it has been one of the best feelings in my life. As of now, I am more resilient than ever and I am a proud INFS scholar. I am not bridging any gaps with guilt, but with more power and resilience.

This may not be a very interesting story but I believe mental peace is more important than anything else because YOU ARE MEANT FOR BETTER THINGS.

Author: Srishti Chandna

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