INFS Alumni Interview Series

INFS Alumni Series : A Warrior Turned Fitness Coach

Sonal is an INFS Certified Coach, currently working with Fittr as a fitness and nutrition coach. According to her, ‘fitness is not just confined to a good physique but it is about creating a balance between three zones and those are physical, mental, and emotional.’ She is a warrior who has faced many ups and downs and has developed herself today as a successful fitness educator.

Read on to find out how she turned lemons into lemonade when life tossed them at her.

A Trigger to Follow Passion

Sonal’s journey to fitness and nutrition started when she met with an accident and gained tremendous weight. She weighed 100 kg before she even realized it. That struck her hard, and Sonal started to look for ways to begin her weight loss journey. She started to gain knowledge about fitness and nutrition to work on herself. On her weight loss journey, she found herself truly passionate about gaining more information regarding fitness and nutrition. She found INFS to her rescue and enrolled in the courses. She completed her certification, and from there on hasn’t looked back! She is now a strong, self-dependent woman, and a reliable mentor to many. 

Important Lessons and Learnings

Sonal gives credit to INFS for helping her turn her dream of becoming a fitness professional into a reality. Sharing her learning experience she said that she not only gained knowledge on fitness and nutrition but also learned several lessons. One such lesson that she tries to imbibe even on her clients is that the right nutrition and training can do wonders. She emphasizes educating her clients about the science behind every plan she shares with them.

Setting the Right Example

Sonal is now a well-established coach and has 400+ transformations to her credit. She is a strong advocate of the right nutrition and training. She always believes in educating her clients and making their journey sustainable. Being a fitness coach has also contributed to her personal life.  She feels empowered and strong keeping health issues at bay. She sets the right example for her clients by practising her teachings in her life. She believes in continuous learning and becoming stronger, and has goals for the same. She has worked towards achieving her dream body and is helping others achieve this very dream with the knowledge she gained from INFS.

Directing Passion With The Right Knowledge 

Sonal has a very clear message for aspiring fitness professionals – “To all aspiring fitness professionals, I ask you to just go for it. If you are passionate enough to stay fit, and active, and love to see amazing transformations, know that you can achieve it all by becoming a knowledgeable and skillful fitness trainer.”


Ritika B is a Silver Medalist in Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is an advocate of compassion and empathy. Practising gratitude and looking at the positive side is her way of living.

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