INFS Alumni Interview Series

INFS Alumni Series – When Gaining Knowledge Becomes An Addiction

An IT professional’s life is quite exhausting – that’s what many say. But, it is a little difficult for us to believe as we see our alumnus, Anupriya Raghav, elegantly handling her IT job while also being a nutrition and fitness consultant for the past 3 years.

Working for an IT firm, Anupriya had been earning pretty well all along, but, ever since becoming a coach, she is getting the satisfaction that had always been missing. And now, she is so driven to acquire knowledge regarding fitness, nutrition, and health, that it has turned into an addiction she says. Here’s a story for you all that speaks volumes of bringing value to your life. 

Choosing INFS Over All

Today, there is an ocean of online fitness and nutrition courses, and the greatest challenge lies in picking the right one. When asked why she selected an INFS course over all the others, Anupriya answered with one simple word and that was – TRUST! INFS offers a range of online courses, all of which have a research-backed and evidence-based curriculum, thus commanding the highest level of belief in them. 

The institute has a knowledgeable faculty who are always available for their students. It facilitates such a positive learning environment that students need not doubt even once of choosing an INFS course over the others.    

Learning Lessons Beyond Textbooks

Anupriya considers INFS to be the one-stop destination for becoming a knowledgeable and skillful fitness professional. In order to successfully complete her course, she received all the essential material. She benefited a lot from the online as well as recorded lectures, textbooks, the online discussion forum, and live social media sessions. 

But, Anupriya highly speaks of the lessons learned beyond the lectures and textbooks. Having studied at INFS, she has learned the art of client handling, has a better understanding of clients’ goals, knows how to correct clients’ goals without offending them, and encourages them to ask more and more queries. She responds to them in layman language so that they understand the basics of health and fitness better and can sustain their achievements in the long run. All of this has contributed towards making her a well-regarded nutrition and fitness consultant amongst her clients today. 

Studying Well For Completing The Course

While studying for her INFS course, Anupriya made sure that her study time was included in her routine. She did not consider studying an additional task and kept things as simple as possible. To devote time to her studies, she reduced her screen time by watching lesser of television and by not scrolling through social media. Anupriya was able to juggle her office hours, household chores, and studies quite efficiently with a proper timetable in place. She says that studying for the course was definitely not a smooth ride but with INFS’ up-to-date study material and approachable faculty, it became a lot easier. 

Anupriya fell in love with the process of completing her INFS course; so much that she has now completed not one, not two, but a total of four certifications from the institute. INFS Fitness and Nutrition Expert Course, Clinical Nutrition Advanced Course, Kids and Adolescents Nutrition Workshop, and Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition and Fitness Workshop are the four online certifications she has completed from INFS. The sky is the limit for Anupriya when it comes to gaining knowledge on nutrition and fitness. She says she is so into updating her knowledge that it has now turned into an addiction. 

Living A Valuable Life 

Anupriya is a proud INFS scholar. She considers enrolling in the INFS expert course to be her best decision. On becoming a nutrition and fitness consultant, she realized that there is more to life than just earning more money through your profession. Today, she is earning a lot of blessings from all across the globe, needless to mention the dollars that come along with them. She feels grateful for receiving positive messages from her mentees.  

Nowadays, when the world is full of self-proclaimed fitness experts who are fooling people of their hard-earned money, Anupriya feels a sense of responsibility when someone approaches her with trust and puts their health in her safe hands.

Anupriya doesn’t consider her professional success to have come from luck, fortune, or her previous education. She owes it to INFS which has helped her change and bring more value to her life.   

Author: Ketki H. She is a wandering soul who loves travelling solo, and firmly believes in enjoying the journey rather than hurrying to the destination. Although a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, she took to writing for reaching the masses.


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