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Bhairavi, Don’t Lift Weights. You Will Get Bulky!

Hello everyone, I am Bhairavi, 47 years old, mother of a teenager and a tween, and this is me, although I was not                                               


I was a typical Indian retro girl who weighed 52 kg before marriage. I got married, became mom, and boom, my weight shot to 81 kgs!  


Then as you rightly guessed, there was absolute chaos. I hit the gym and went straight for the treadmill, elliptical, HIIT, and Tabata. I reduced my carb and fat intake and reduced my weight to 70 kg in one year. 

I proudly showed off – hey, you know what, I lost weight. AWESOME BHAIRAVI! 

But then I realized my stamina had lowered, and I started feeling fatigued. I began overeating carbs and fats, and then again, I gained weight.  


You guys must be wondering, what’s going on? 


I started reading a lot about weight loss. I realized, in the process of losing weight, I had also lost muscle mass. I decided not to do any exercise for a week until and unless I had a proper, well-structured plan of action.  

STEP I: Make a diet plan and a workout plan.

STEP 2: Implement and check the results after 3 weeks.

Since I wanted to gain strength, I added strength training to my exercise regime. I took the slow and steady path. I started with 2.5 kg dumbbells and started feeling better and better. After 3 weeks, I was absolutely amazed by the results in terms of fitness.  


It has been 1.5 years since I started strength training and I feel strong. I don’t feel tired even at the end of the day after attending to the family’s needs like I used to feel before.  I feel great. After this, there has been no looking back.


One fine day, I was working out as usual and one of the gym users advised me not to lift weights giving the reason that I will start looking too muscular. But, I had done my homework well.  I informed him that this is a myth; that females have lesser muscle mass as compared to males and so the muscle-building process will not be as quick as it happens for males. It takes years to build muscles. So the next question was – “Have you seen those females in competitions?”

I replied, “Those female competitors take the help of performance-enhancing supplements to get a body suitable for competitions.” To add, I also informed him about the benefits of weight training for females

  1. Females start losing muscle mass after the age of 30. Adding weight training ensures that muscle mass is maintained and hence reduces injuries, arthritis risk, back pain, etc.
  2. It enhances mood.
  3. It protects bone health and much more.


I hope that along with that gentleman, I also cleared out doubts of readers to some extent. To sum up, I will say, any female who wants to dance on her 70th birthday without breaking a bone should add weight training to their exercise regime.  So, now that you know the benefits of weight training, what are you waiting for?!! GO FOR IT.

Author: Bhairavi Shah

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