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Blog Writing Competition By INFS

INFS is excited to announce its first-ever blog writing competition in 2021, inviting all the talented writers and fitness enthusiasts to participate in it! There are vouchers, worth INR 10,000, up for grabs, and also internship opportunities with two companies that are looking for great content writers. So, we have a lot in store for the competition winners, but moreover, we are looking for those who are eager to share their knowledge on fitness and nutrition with the world. A golden opportunity in disguise, this is your chance to feature your content on the INFS blog. 

Read on and find out how you can be a part of this blog writing competition by INFS!

Please note:

We are no longer accepting entries for the blog writing competition. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get future updates regarding the blog writing competition.

About the Blog Writing Competition

The blog writing competition is open to fitness enthusiasts from around the world to share their knowledge with our blog readers. The participants will be required to write research-based blog posts on any topic (related to Fitness & Nutrition) of their choice. Once the blog posts have been submitted, an internal committee will select the top 10 blog posts all of which would be published on our blog. Further, our readers will then vote for their favorite blog post. 

Selection of Competition Winners & Prizes

An internal committee will select the top 10 blog posts. All these selected blogs will be published on the INFS blog page with due credits to the qualifying writers. But, wait for it, these are just the qualifiers and the reward doesn’t end yet!

Four of these top-10 qualifiers will stand a chance of receiving a 1-month internship as a Content Writer with FITTR or Fit Chase! Each of these organizations will go through the blogs and select their interns. While FITTR will select one intern, Fit Chase will select three interns. 

Meanwhile, the blogs will receive votes on their respective pages from the readers of the blog. And, that’s how we will get our top 3 blog posts!

The blog receiving the highest number of votes will win.

1st Prize: Amazon Voucher worth INR 5,000

2nd Prize: Amazon Voucher worth INR 3,000

3rd Prize: Amazon Voucher worth INR 2,000

Submission Date

The blog post should be submitted before 11 PM (IST) on Aug 26, 2021.

The qualifying 10 will be declared on Sept 13, 2021, and voting will happen for a 15-day period. Internships will be announced by Sept 17, 2021, and the top 3 winners will be declared on Sept 27, 2021.

Submission Guidelines

The blog post should meet the below-mentioned guidelines for qualifying as one of the entries for the blog writing competition.

  • The blog post should be based on topics related to fitness and nutrition only.
  • The content should be original and plagiarism-free. (Note: Any kind of plagiarism will directly lead to rejection of the blog post from the blog writing competition. Blogs with spun or re-written content will also not be accepted.)
  • The blog post should be research-based. Please mention the references and research papers that you have referred to while writing the blog post. (We firmly believe that any information that goes live on the blog should be backed by science. So, make sure that the blog post does not include any non-scientific fact or information.)
  • There should be no grammatical errors. (Make sure you run your blog post through free online grammar checking tools like Grammarly before submitting the blog post.)
  • The blog post should be properly edited and formatted. It should contain proper headings and subheadings, important points should be highlighted, and the blog post should be well structured.
  • The blog post should be within the word limit of 500-600 words. We request participants to avoid writing fluffy content to just meet the word limit. Blog posts that offer valuable content will stand a higher chance of getting selected. 
  • All the references should be listed at the end of the blog post. You can hyperlink the sources in the post.

Format of the Blog Post

To submit your entry click here. 

(The blog post should be submitted as a Word file)

The format should be as follows –

  • Title: H1 heading
  • Subheadings: H2 and H3 
  • Paragraph: Normal
  • Important words and sentences can be highlighted using bold and italics.
  • Add appropriate links to research papers and other sources.


You are free to select a topic of your choice, as long as it is related to fitness and nutrition. Get creative and write on a topic that hasn’t been explored much. If you choose a general topic, make sure the content is original and has something new to offer to the readers. We also recommend you to go through the INFS blog to know what blog topics have already been covered. This would also give you an idea of the quality of the blog posts we are looking forward to receiving from the participants. 

Exclusive License

As a participant in the blog writing competition, you give INFS an exclusive and unlimited license to publish your blog post on our blog. If your blog post is not selected as one of the entries for the blog writing competition, we will have no rights to your blog post and you would be free to publish it elsewhere. However, if your blog post is selected for the blog writing competition, you will not be allowed to publish the same blog post anywhere else.

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