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Free training program (FTP) with INFS 

Free training program

INFS provides a Free Training Program which helps people start their fitness journey. This is a 4 week program conducted every month where those who sign up are guided by our students who are completing their certification with us. This is a practical experience for our scholars and therefore those who have medical conditions except the ones listed below are advised to seek certified professionals instead. 

The lifestyle conditions that our scholars can handle are listed below. The scholars can only guide on weight management and cannot alleviate any disease conditions. You are advised to follow the directions of a medical professional in case of latter.

Medical status for acceptance into FTP is that you should not have had surgery in the last 6 months or have any other conditions for which you are taking medicine (except mild PCOD and mild thyroid conditions).

The FTP program intakes clients from the 2nd of the month till we get 250 registrations, after which the form is closed. FTP clients are assigned to the scholars on the 11th and the program begins in 2-4 working days after. 

We have been conducting the FTP program for the last 5 years with phenomenal results (>99% satisfaction rates) and wonderful feedback. Over the 4 weeks, you will be given both a diet and training plan customised to your background and lifestyle. You are expected to report weekly progress to your mentor and sharing pictures is mandatory. Your pictures will not be used by the mentor or INFS without your explicit permission. Pictures allow both you and the mentors to get a sense of progress along with tracking other parameters like your weight, measurements, etc. 

The clients who sign up for FTP, have to pay a Rs 500 refundable deposit to INFS. This is to filter out fraudulent sign-ups and ensure that the client is committed to complete the plan. Please note that the refund will be processed once you finish the 4 weeks with the mentor and provide INFS with feedback on your overall experience.  

**Refund will not be processed if:

*Any wrong information provided- Phone number, email id or you have medical issues other than those in the exceptions list

*You fail to complete the 4 weeks with the scholar

*You postpone the plan

*You do not fill the feedback form

*You have availed the FTP services before

*You are or have been a client with FITTR 

You will be notified by email of your selection into the program and future communications. 

INFS encourages the clients to freely ask their FTP mentor questions related to their plan and share any problems they face in following them. The more you share with your mentor, the better they will be able to guide you in your journey.

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About the author: Jyoti Dabas, Founder and CEO, Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS)

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