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My puppy is one year old and he has brought so much joy into my everyday life. It is so precious to have this little furry companion by my side. Lately, he’s started to sleep beside me while I’m watching Netflix at night. Seeing his sleepy little eyes looking up at me for love absolutely melts my heart. He has taught me the importance of living in the present moment and cherishing the little things in life. I have gone through a difficult time in the past year, and have found that the small things in my day which are my constants, helps me get through tough days.

When the future feels uncertain and the past is traumatic, it is being in the present that helps to centre us. I’ve come to realize that life doesn’t just happen in the big moments – it happens when an innocuous little thing, like my puppy, brings a smile to my face. It is these small moments that bring me the most joy and remind me of the beauty in life.

This week, I have two blog posts for you. The first one talks about mindful living. The second post explains the importance of appreciating little things in life.

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Mindful Living

The entire world is buzzing like a busy beehive. We all want to go get there, and conquer the world. We get so lost in our work that we do not realize life passing by! This is where the concept of mindful living comes in. What is it and how can you practice it?

Read in-depth regarding the concept in this blog.


 How to appreciate Little Things in Life? 

Small things many times leave a big impact on our lives. While you may be blessed that you have some free morning time to sip a hot cup of coffee, that may not be the case with many. Sometimes in the daily hustle, we forget the small things that matter, and that shape our lives.

Dive into the article to get an insight into these little things.

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My son became the sun for my planet the instant he was born. My entire day revolves around him. Nonetheless, postpartum depression exists. I was always bothered by sleep deprivation and the constant pressure of being a good mother. I missed being me, so I decided to learn something new—something creative! That’s when I came across this resin art page, Resintales by Dharsh, on my Instagram feed.

I quickly enrolled for her online classes, and voila! I now have a new hobby. I started making wall clocks for my loved ones, and I continue to do so in my spare time. In addition to expressing my love for art, it also helps me cope with PPD by lowering my stress levels and gaining new perspective. Art helps me feel better.

~ Nikita Prabhu, HR Manager

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