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How to manage a Full Time Job with Fitness Coaching?

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many things. The world came to a lockdown but did the work stop? Indeed no! we intelligent humans devised ways and means to carry forward our work and earn our livelihood despite the lockdowns. And, the internet proved to be the most significant resource these days.

Everyone came online and the world wide web connected us all. The fitness industry was not behind. With growing health awareness and more and more people engaging in fitness activities, fitness coaches too jumped on the bandwagon and although online coaching was a thing before too it picked up more after the pandemic.

Now fitness is a flexible industry and if you are someone who maybe cannot pursue it as a full-time job but want to still follow your passion while helping others you can become a fitness coach along with your full-time job.

But how feasible is this? Won’t it become hectic? Will you be able to give sufficient time to your clients? Let us address such and other questions in the blog below.



There are various types of fitness coaches depending on the mode of how the coach interacts with the client. The ‘fitness coach’ that we are talking about in this article is the online nutrition and fitness coach and not a personal trainer (offline or online). This kind of service works on a subscription-based model, wherein a person often called a mentee needs to subscribe to the services of a mentor/coach.

Now, because the nature of the job is just consulting, it can be very flexible and you do not have a fixed set of working hours attached to it. Hence, one can very well manage it with another full-time profession or salary-based employment. Having said that, not many are comfortable multi-tasking. It requires planning so that your attention does not get divided and you do justice to both of your jobs.

The responsibilities that come with a full-time job are enormous with deadline pressures as well as that part of climbing up the ladder in your respective field. In a flexible job dedication and persistence is imperative as you may tend to lose focus and cut down the timings considering the flexibility.

In the fitness industry results are very important and assuring that your mentee achieves his goal can many times become a daunting process. Hence, it may become extremely difficult for some people to manage the double workload and maintain their mental stability; considering delivering two jobs responsibilities.

Tips to Manage a Full-time Job with Fitness Coaching

Fitness coaching is a competitive field and you need to level up your game with quality service, continuous education, and social media presence to keep surviving, prospering, and staying relevant. You can follow the below-given tips to make your life easier and handle the work pressure of both your jobs.


Plan your day well in advance. Some of you may even plan your entire week on the weekend. Dedicate a specific time for an activity and write it down on a piece of paper. Make a to-do list and work accordingly.


Do not mix the coaching with your working hours or vice versa. Check which job is urgent and which is important. Urgent deadlines should be given priority. Important work can be delegated partly or wholly to someone and then supervised by you.


This is in continuation of the above point. But you need to learn how to delegate work responsibly. Maybe hire an intern (if possible) to take care of social media, appointments, and updating plans. This will leave you free to focus on quality work (client handling).


Learn to automate stuff slowly. Have a set systematic process of onboarding, scheduling calls, and sharing plans (use apps or excel templates). Try using technology to your advantage.

Know your limits- 

Last but not least, do not bite off more than you can chew. Always be realistic in terms of clients you can handle along with your other responsibilities.

It is very important to understand that no matter what your financial situation or your motivation to follow your passion, you are not a supernatural being. As a human, you have your boundaries and limitations. Accept and respect these, with it doing everything to the best of your capability, you will achieve success!

For more such information keep coming back to our blog section and do let us know your views on the above topic in the comments section below.


Praveen Budhrani (INFS Faculty)

Dr Pooja Nilgar (Content writer and editor)

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